Our Team

Iliyan Dimov picture

Iliyan Dimov

Passionate technical and business mind. He has solid experience in the software industry and has worked for important and valuable projects - mainly health and naval radar ones. His character is built on strong principles which help maintain the solid business foundations of Inveitix. Innovations are his everyday friends.

Teodor Kostadinov picture

Teodor Kostadinov

Teodor is a mobile developer. He has worked with various teams from the states, India and Europe, creating mainly business applications for the medical and technological sector. He is very passionate about organizing various events. He enjoys watching movies and good music.

Emiliyan Kadiyski picture

Emiliyan Kadiyski

Emo works as high school teacher and software developer but defines himself as entrepreneur and visioner. Positive, likes challenges, team player. Loves to sport: football, skiing and martial arts.

Tihomir Krystev picture

Tihomir Krastev

Android and Java Web Developer, Team Lead

Liliya Mihailova Picture

Liliya Mihailova

Junior Web Developer - Java

Todor Nikolov picture

Todor Nikolov

Junior Web Developer - Java