Dedicated Teams

Extended Workbench

Extended Workbench means that we provide high professionals in your team. This can be related to software architects, developers, designers or consultants. All that we have to know is the kind of skill and the level of seniority you are looking for. We are then able to offer you either single resources or even a complete team, which will be dedicated exclusively to your project.
In other words: you will work with our resources in the same way you would work with your own employees, just that they are located on our premises and not yours. We have experience with extended workbench models of any kind of development process and project models - like scrum, kanban and no process (for small projects only!). It works best when there is an environment of clear-cut, single tasks, with rather short timelines. That can easily be assigned to someone who can work on them, without too many dependencies to other tasks.

Dedicated Teams

In many successful software development projects, we have ensured that our clients benefit from reliable and flexible IT capacities.
Inveitix is dedicated to transparency and knowledge sharing when it comes to team composition, tasks, deadlines and deliverables, as well as costs. Our team consistently communicate with clients by providing them status on our work and sharing best industry practices and our broad technological know-how.

We strive to focus on:

effectiveness, professionalism, respect team members, personal development, develop the IT community in our region.

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